Vesta EIR-23 433MHz Dual Lens & Sensors Pet Immune PIR

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  • Microprocessor controlled with advanced digitalized adaptive signal processor algorithm
  • Installation angle is manually adjustable via a supplied rotating bracket (optional installation)
  • Pet Immune Sensitivity can be controlled via a DIP switch. Immunity levels of both background environmental factor and pet are then adjusted accordingly.
  • Four levels of Pet Immune Sensitivity are available: Low (75 cm / 60 kg), Medium (60 cm / 40 kg), High (45 cm / 30 kg), and Superior (30 cm / 20 kg)
  • Adjustable environment settings: choices of facing a wall or open space, facing a lawn or concrete/stone ground
  • Auto Temperature & Lux Profile Adjustments – complex intelligent D.A.S.P. algorithm to distinguish background environmental changes such as temperature and lighting and therefore avoiding false alarms
  • Water resistance with IP rating 66
  • Double protection of unauthorized sensor removal and opening/sabotage by both built-in Tilt  & Tamper Switches
  • Protection from: direct sunlight, wind, snow and rain, and small animals
  • Randomized supervision signals for trouble-free system integrity checking
    Low battery detection
  • Superior radio interference rejection of up to 20V/m at frequencies of 100 kHz to 2.7 GHz
  • Automatic power saving mechanism; Compact design
  • LED: fault & test mode indicator, and also doubles as Walk Test activation button
  • Superior white light noise rejection; Complied with CE & UL requirements

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    • Power: Lithium AA batteries x 2
    • Battery life: 3 years or over, with low battery detection
    • Radio frequency available: 433 MHz / 868.35 MHz / 868.6375 MHz  (All other frequencies are available upon request)
    • Range: 433 MHz or 868.35 MHz: over 200 meters in open space, 868.6375 MHz: over 300 meters in open space
    • Operating temperature: -20° to 50°C
    • Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing
    • Dimension: 68 X 148 X 50 mm

Outdoor Passive Infra-Red Motion Detector EIR-23

    • Exceptional Dual Lens & Sensors with interlaced horizontal beams plus proven 100% pet immunity of pets up to 75 cm / 60 kg!
    • The Outdoor PIR Motion Detector represents a breakthrough design from the traditional sense to a brand new vision of its definition. It is tailored to fit in the harsh environment of outdoor and features four levels of pet immune sensitivity.
    • The Dual Lens & Sensors together with its advanced Digitalized Adaptive Signal Processor (D.A.S.P.) algorithm provide remarkable detection sensitivity that eliminates the possibility of false alarms caused by small animals or other outdoor disturbances.
    • D.A.S.P. guarantees consistent sensitivity by automatic profile adjustments according to the environment’s Temperature & Lux, thus maintains sensitivity and delivers exceptional performance regardless of temperature fluctuations or lighting change interferences. In addition, a Four-Level Pet Immune Sensitivity provides an effective match for every installation scenario with a peace of mind, yet still protecting your premises and loved ones all year round.
Dimensions 68 × 148 × 50 mm


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