SG30-4GA-WRL Palgate 3G/4G GSM Controller 1 Relay 5 App User 4000 Remote Ability


  • 3G/4G GSM Controller
  • 1 Optical Relay; Remote Control Support
  • 5 Palgate Application Users
  • 4000 Smart Remote Controls; Timers / events
  • Programmable Relay Pulse Width; Input Voltage 12-24V DC
  • Control with free application or easy web interface*
  • Real time indications to Email, SMS, API *
  • Import/Export Excel files; Unlimited logs*
  • Does not support Upgrade with Additional Users

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SG30-4GA-WRL Palgate 3G/4G GSM Controller 1 Relay 5 App User 4000 Remote Ability

    • Pal Gate SG30-4GA-WRL is a 3G/4G network system for opening automatic gates, garage doors, electric locks and roadblocks via an application and an Internet interface *, which enables complete and secure control of the unit such as:
      • Administrators set up.
      • Add and remove users.
      • Set up relay time
      • Real time log reading on system usage.

System Features and Benefits:

    • Internet interface management ability. *
    • Very small physical size 70X50 mm.
    • 4 indicator LED lights (active SIM + 3 reception indicator)
    • Multiple administrators and authorized users can be configured for optimal control.
    • Adding remotes requires web interface access. *
    • * – By Payment

Setting up a remote control in the unit

    • The actions are carried out via an Internet interface, such as:
      • Insert remote control, delete remote control, setting groups, assigning days, selecting relay to open, and more – are carried out via an Internet interface only (for details, contact the installer).

System settings by the App:

    • Primary Login:
      • This application must be first installed from the App Store / Google play by searching for the name PalGate or scan this QR Code for direct link.

Important Information:

    • Installation at the gate (inside each metal cabinet) must be installed when connected to an external antenna (an antenna outside the cabinet).
    • Requires stable power supply source preferably DC transformers.
    • Avoid installation in metal boxes.
    • Protect the unit from humidity and insect infiltration.
    • The system works via a cellular network using 4G technology. In addition, the system’s performance is dependent on the existence of coverage for a 4G service. The customer is responsible for ensuring that there is cellular network reception using 4G technology.
Dimensions70 × 50 mm



Product Information: SG30-3GA-WR Palgate


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