U-Prox DLK560 New Advanced Standalone Door Controller


  • U-Prox DLK560 Smartphone for programming. Credentials: 1024.
  • Build in touch sensor for request to exit.
  • Event log: 4000. Real time clock. Door contact. connection input.
  • External request to exit button input contact. COM, NC,NO relay output for lock connection.
  • U-Prox S series reader connection port. RS PRO secure cryptoprotocol and full reader control.
  • Application U-Prox Config supported by Android and iOS only with Bluetooth version from 4.0(BLE).

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U-Prox DLK560 Bluetooth Standalone Door Controller

    • Universal access controller. A fully functional device in a plastic case with a built-in reader, keyboard and modern communication facilities – 2.4 GHz radio for configuration of stand-alone mode and ISM radio for operation as part of the U-Prox IP wireless lock system.
    • It can serve either one one-way door (entry by identifier, exit by request button) or one two-way door (entry and exit by identifier).
    • A smartphone can be used as an identifier, which makes it possible to refuse cards.
    • The device is designed with maximum autonomy in mind – in the absence of communication with the server, it continues to execute the access rules loaded into it.


    • Operating modes:
      • Standalone, configuration from smartphone
      • Network, work as part of U-Prox WEB via radio interface (ISM: 868.0-868.6 MHz).
        Transport layer provided by U-Prox IC L, U-Prox HE, U-Prox Hub WiFi
    • Identification:
      • Built-in keyboard
      • Built-in contactless reader (distance – up to 50 mm, ID standards – ASK, FSK, ASK + FSK),
      • Smartphone as identifier
    • 3 modes of operation with a smartphone:
      • Proximity – a range of 5-10 cm with the definition of a smartphone being brought up by a magnetic detector
      • Door – range 20-60 cm
      • Barrier – with an adjustable interaction range from 1 to 15 m
    • Connecting an external InteliProx series reader
    • Door contact inputs, request-to-pass buttons and tamper switch
    • Two relays (contacts NO, NC, COM) 3 A @ 24 V and alarm transistor output – 24 V, 60 mA
    • Offline configuration is done from a smartphone
    • In network mode, complete configuration is performed using the ACS software via a computer network
    • Real time clock
    • Non-volatile memory
      • Autonomous mode: identifiers – 252 (1 administrator code, 1 engineer code), events – 4096,
        “day” and “night” modes according to schedule and manually
      • Network mode: identifiers – 3000, events – 6000
    • Overall dimensions of the device – 119.4×65.4×24 mm
    • Controller weight – 0.2 kg

In order to equip one one-way door you will need:

    • U-Prox IP560 controller
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply with Battery (Power Redundancy)
    • Castle
    • Request to pass button

In order to equip a double-sided door you will need:

    • U-Prox IP560 controller
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply with Battery (Power Redundancy)
    • One castle
    • One  reader

U-Prox DLK560 User Manual

U-Prox IP560


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