U-Prox IC A – Intelligent Antipassback Sub-system for U-Prox IP400 Access Control System


Intelligent central control panel intended for management of global antipassback subsystem

    • U-Prox IC A used to join isolated access points into virtual door groups.
    • Intended for management of global antipassback.
    • Suppresses pass back of credentials, use of duplicate credentials and transfer of the credential to another person.

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U-Prox IC A – Intelligent Antipassback Sub-system for UProx IP400 Access Control System

Characteristics of U-Prox IC A
    • Communication interface (communication with server and U-Prox IP400): Ethernet 100Mbit
    • Identifiers- 32000
    • Zones – 64
    • Manages panels U-Prox IP400 – 255
    • Power supply: +12VDC or +5VDC (USB)
    • Configuration: automatic or manual via USB
How the Access Control System Works
    • Only double sided doors supported
    • Event notification is based on two address – the first ID is the ACS server, the second ID is the address of U-Prox IC A
    • Multilevel decision rule:
      • Check the general access rules.
      • Check is group in anti passback area?,
      • Request to U-Prox IC A and receive access confirmation or denial
Merging Access Control Zones
    • In case of loss of communication with the access control panels, forced entry, free pass, etc. U-Prox IC A merges access areas together , considering that personnel may be in either area.
    • After restoring the normal state of access or resuming communication with the control panels, all areas are unmerged
    • U-Prox IP400, U-Prox IP100, U-Prox IP300, NDC F18 IP panels can be configured with two variants of behavior in case of communication loss :
      • No one has permission to pass;
      • Pass all, according to the rules of the local antipassback
    • In access control systems each user has a unique RF ID. Identifiers can take the form of a plastic card, key FOB etc.
    • The information on the identifiers is read with READERS, connected to the ACS control panel. There are several types of RF IDs and readers for them. It is essential that reader and control panel use the same interface. NDC F18 IP use Wiegand
PIN (Personal Identification Number)
    • Some readers have built-in keypad. Keypads may be used for PIN entering. It can be both self-dependent or used as an additional code to user RF ID. When PIN is programmed as additional code, reader waits for PIN entering after RF ID is readout.
Access point (AP)
    • Access point is a logical concept of the access control system implying control of passing through a door in one direction. It consists of reader, access control panel (or its part), door supervision devices (like door contact, RTE button etc.) and door locking device. For instance, the turnstile with two-way passes has two Access points – one for entrance and the other one for exit, door of this type is called double-sided door. A door with a reader on one side has only one Access point – Entry point, and it is called single-sided door.
    • Antipassback function is implemented in access control panels to prevent the situation when user gives his RF ID to another person after passing into the premises. If this function is on, control panel tracks an RF ID position – inside or outside the premises. On any attempt to pass in the same direction twice the panel denies access and stores “Access Denied, Antipassback” event into the Log. Antipassback function can be set On only in case of the double-sided door control.
Global Antipassback
    • Tracking of identifier movement through controlled access points. The object is divisible by access areas. Passage into areas of access is possible through multiple access points. Access control panels denied access when trying to re-pass, unauthorized use of the identifier in these areas. When access is denied door control panels and the main antipassback panel generate message GLOBAL ANTIPASSBACK: Access Denied.
    • Control panel is to be downloaded after all parameters are set – modes of inputs, outputs, access rights and others. During downloading parameters are rewritten into access control panel.

U-Prox IC A User Manual

U-Prox IC A user Manual

U-Prox IC A Firmware


U-Prox Web Software

U-Prox Web Software


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