U-Prox IC L Manages New Advanced wireless lock subsystems


U-Prox IC L Manages of Wireless Lock Subsystems

  • 32 000 tags.
  • Manage up to 250 control panels.
  • Up to 32 independent virtual door groups.
  • Data communication:(Ethernet 100Mbit) : ISM band wireless device two-way communication.
  • ISM frequency bands: ITU Region 1 (EU): 868.0868.6MHz. ITU Region 2 (USA):902.5-914.5 MHz.ITU Region 3 (AUS): 915.5-927.MHz
  • Wireless range up to 20m.
  • Power supply: PoE class 1 or USB micro B.
  • Network settings adjustment. Auto configuration in LAN USB micro B

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U-Prox IC L
U-Prox IC L Manages New Advanced wireless lock subsystems
Total Price: $1,448

U-Prox IC L manages of wireless lock subsystems

    • An intelligent control panel. Intended for managing the wireless locks subsystems based on U-Prox IP500 and for global anti-pass back function between virtual door groups based on NDC F18IP, U-Prox and U-Prox IP400 control panels.
    • Data exchange via own radio interface and U-Prox Hubs with access control panels
    • Сommunication interface (communication with server and U-Prox Hubs) – Ethernet 100Mbit;
    • ISM two-way RF communication: 915.5-927.MHz
    • Wireless range: up to 20 m;
    • Up to 512 managed panels ( U-Prox IP560, U-Prox Hub Eth) per one U-Prox IC L
    • Power supply: +12V DC or 5V DC via micro USB B port;
    • Configuration: automatic or manual via USB.



U-Prox IC L User Manual

U-Prox IC L


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