U-Prox IP400 New Advanced IP Based Access Control Panel

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U-Prox IP400 2 Door Access Control Panel Features

Fully functional access control panel with IP network capability in a metal housing with 1.5A power supply. It can be used a 2 Door Access Control Panel, it can control two single-sided doors or one double-sided door and operates on any computer network – local or Internet Automatic operation after loading the access rules

    • Works on any computer network. Ethernet 100Mbit, DHCP, DNS
    • Works in complex, dynamically changing computer networks (including the Internet), through multiple NATs. Does not require additional settings of network equipment;
    • Enhanced security when working over IP: crypto and protocol imitation resistance;
    • Two Wiegand RF ID reader ports
    • 31,768 identifiers for employees; 1,000 identifiers for visitors
    • 47,000 events
    • 250 Time zones, 250 weekly schedules, 250 holidays
    • 8 EOL supervised inputs
    • 2 relays (C NO NC) 24V 5А and 2 relays (C NO) 24V 1А
    • Power: 12V DC @ 160mA
    • Configuration: automatic or manual via USB

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U-Prox IP400 2 Door Access Control Panel – New Advanced IP Based Access Control System

U-Prox IP400 panel – a device designed to control access to residential and business premises, including time of passage of and events. Panel operates with two readers, which are connected to the access control panel via Wiegand interface. U-Prox IP400 processes the information received from the reader (readers), and controls actuator (e.g. a lock) with the built-in four relays.

Panel has eight End-of-line supervised inputs. The panel can work offline or as part of the network. To add it to Access Control Panel network Ethernet (wired computer network) are used.
The network settings of the control panel are programmed via a standard USB port (mini USB B). U-Prox IP400 Access Control System has advanced hardware capabilities and intellectual functions to control two access points (AP) with a single reader and Request to Passage Button (RTE) (two single-sided AP), or one access point with two readers (double-sided AP). Having a large amount of non-volatile memory.

U-Prox IP400 – 2 Door Access Control Panel is an access control system that provides for access control in variable establishments in small offices as well as on large enterprises with number of employees up to 31768 and up to 1,000 visitors. Thoroughly elaborated technical and design solutions, the ability to connect two readers, communication over a computer network, non-volatile memory and the clock, protecting the communication ports and reader ports from short circuit, overvoltage and reverse polarity-all allows to use the panel to build a variety of Access Control Systems (ACS) – from the system for a small office to the entrance of a large enterprise.

U-Prox IP400 2 Door Access Control Panel Features:

    • Secure & Reliable Access Control Panel
    • WiFi & Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
    • Super Easy Modern IP Network Communication
    • Wide Range of Readers Supported
    • Super Low Cost of Ownership
    • Access Control Panel and Alarm Control Panel Interface
    • Advanced Access Control System Options: Real-Time Clock, Anti PassBack and Auxiliary Outputs
    • Free Access Control Software
To equip one single-sided door you need:
    • U-Prox IP400 – 2 Door Access Control Panel
    • Battery
    • Lock
    • Reader
    • RTE button
To equip two single-sided doors you need:
    • U-Prox IP400 – 2 Door Access Control Panel
    • Battery
    • 2 Locks
    • 2 Readers
    • 2 RTE buttons
To equip one double-sided door you need:
    • U-Prox IP400 – 2 Door Access Control Panel
    • Battery
    • Lock
    • 2 Readers
To equip one turnstile you need:
    • U-Prox IP400 – 2 Door Access Control Panel
    • Battery
    • 2 Readers
IP Network Communication Ports:
    • WiFi – 802.11b/g/n (Open, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK)
    • Ethernet – 100 Mbps (4 wire) RJ45 Port
    • PoE Class 0 (Power over Ethernet) Max 12.95W per Device
    • U-Prox IP Software Supported.
    • USB Port – Micro B for Initial Network Settings
Input Interface Ports:
    • 2 Reader Ports – Wiegand 26/34 Bit for RFID Cards, 8 Bit Burst for PIN
    • 8 Alarm Input Ports – End-of-Line Supervised Inputs (EOL Resistance = 2kOhm)
    • Users: 31,768 Tags for Employees & 1,000 tags for Visitors
    • Events: 35,000 Events
    • 250 Time Zones
    • 250 Weekly Schedules
    • 250 Holidays
    • Floating Shifts
Output Interface Ports:
    • Two Relays (C NO NC) 24V 5А.
    • Two Relays (C NO) 24V 1А.
    • AUX (Power Output) – 12V, Max 0.5A
Power Supply:
    • 12V DC @ Max 160 mA
    • Max Voltage ripple 500mA Peak-to-Peak
Operating Temperature:
    • 0 – 55 Degree Celsius @ 80% Relative Humidity
    • Maximum Relative Humidity 80% Without Condensation
Metal Cabinet Dimensions:
    • 210mm (W) x 168mm (H) x 43mm (D)

U-Prox IP400 User Manual

U-Prox_IP400 User Manual

U-Prox IP Configurator


U-Prox IP400 Free Web Software



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