U-Prox IP500 New Advanced Wireless Door Lock


U-Prox IP500 Operates under control of a U-Prox IC L network controller

    • Wireless Door Smart Lock ISM device two-way RF communication
    • Frequency band 915.5-927.5 MHz
    • Wireless range up to 20m
    • Built-in keypad and RF ID reader
    • Read Range: up to 40mm
    • 3000 tags
    • Power supply – 3 AAA batteries (included)
    • 32,000 openings, up to 2 years life
    • One end-of-line resistor supervised input
    • Request-to-exit on inner door handle
    • Adjusted with U-Prox IP software
    • Real-time clock
    • Non-volatile memory:

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U-Prox IP500 Wireless access control panel integrated into the Smart lock pads

Brief description of the panel
    • U-Prox IP500 panel – a device designed to control access to residential and business premises, including time of passage of and events. Panel operates built-in reader of ASK and FSK cards. U-Prox IP500 processes the information received from the reader, and unlocks door. The internal handle operates freely.
    • Panel has end-of-line supervised input for door position supervision. The panel can work offline or as part of the network. To add it to access control network, U-Prox IC L control panel used. U-Prox IC L panel communicates with U-Prox IP 500 via ISM band radio and via Ethernet (wired computer network) with access control system server.
    • To extend the range of wireless system U-Prox HE and U-Prox HW repeaters are used, communicating with U-Prox IC L over Ethernet (wired computer network) or Wi-Fi (wireless computer network).U-Prox IP500 has advanced hardware capabilities and intellectual functions to control access point (AP) and reader in the U-Prox access control system. U-Prox IP500 has enough non-volatile memory to store access database for 3,000 users and up to 6,000 events.
U-Prox Smart Handle
    • Stainless Steel
    • Door thickness 38mm – 59mm
    • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
    • Battery Voltage monitoring
    • Key override
    • Free egress from protected side of the door
    • Visual and audible system alerts
    • 32000 openings, up to 2 years on one set of batteries
    • Electronics and mechanism on secure side of the door
    • Door reed switch input for DOTL
To equip one single-sided door you need
To equip eight single-sided doors you need
    • U-Prox IP500 – 8 pcs
    • U-Prox IC L
    • In access control systems each user has a unique RF ID. Identifiers can take the form of a plastic card, key FOB etc.
    • The information on the identifiers is read with READERS, connected or built-in to the ACS control panel. U-Prox IP500 has built-in reader.
Access point (AP)
    • Access point is a logical concept of the access control system implying control of passing through a door in one direction. It consists of reader, access control panel (or its part), door supervision devices (like door contact, RTE button etc.) and door locking device. For instance, the turnstile with two-way passes has two Access points – one for entrance and the other one for exit, door of this type is called double-sided door. A door with a reader on one side has only one Access point – Entry point, and it is called single-sided door.
Direction of passage
    • Passageway – is a logical unit of ACS, controlling passage through the access point in one direction. It includes reader, access control panel (or part of access control panel), actuator. So, tourniquet with double-sided control has two passageways, and the door, having single-sided reader – only one passageway. Access point, which consists of two passageways, is called double-sided, and the point of access, which consists of one direction of passage – single- sided.
RTE (request to exit)
    • To unlock the door and exit from the premises turn the inside handle. Opening the door with the key or the cylinder handle generates an event FORCED ENTRY (if the door contact is connected).
Door contact
    • Properly designed ACS is used to supervise door status (opened or closed), such as magnetic door sensor, sensor of the turnstile rotor position, inductive sensor of the road barrier, etc. This ensured that the system prevents situations when several users access the door with one RF ID or door left open after user’s access and so on. For these purposes the magnetic sensor of door closing, position sensor of the turnstile rotor and the position sensor of boom barrier are connected to the input of access control
      panel. The input used to connect these sensors, is called the input of sensor of passage (or Door Contact)
Door time
    • If door sensor is open, corresponding access point goes into “Alarm” mode (refer to “Alarm» mode below). Alarm is not invoked, if contact is opened during Door Time interval. This interval starts when access is granted and lasts for the programmed time or terminates on opening and subsequent closing of door contact.
    • Date and time of valid access are indicated when setting user access rights. Depending on modification, control panel stores up to 250 time zones. 250 week schedules can be combined from these time zones. Moreover, control panel can store up to 250 holidays, which happen once a year.
Time zones
    • Time zones are a part of schedule. This is a way to organize a range of days and times and associate it with access levels. Time zones are utilized by the application to validate, authorize, or perform various
      functions based on schedules.
    • Control panel is to be downloaded after all parameters are set – modes of inputs, outputs, access rights and others. During downloading parameters are rewritten into access control panel.
Sound and light panel indication is on reader light emitting diode (LED) of reader
    • Siren sound and LED blinks reds on identifier presentation – low battery, replace
    • Long beep and LED lights red constantly – access denied
    • Short beep and LED lights green constantly – access granted
    • One beep and LED alters green and yellow light – free pass mode
    • One beep and LED blinks red – door blocked mode
    • Three beeps and LED blinks red – panel download in progress
    • Tapping sound signals – within range of infrared sensor entered obstacle.
    • Siren sound and LED blinks reds sounds – within range of the infrared sensor
    • obstacle is more than a minute. Control panel also sent event “Reader sensor trouble”


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