U-Prox Mini MF New Advanced MiFare Card Readers


A new line of proximity readers. Modern looking, extremely slim design in a small form factor. U-Prox mini MF black

  • MF readers support a mode in which they read out only the code of the credential containing specially encrypted sectors.
  • The reader can encrypt these sectors when encoding (issuing) cards. When this is done, the card will have all open sectors encrypted to prevent brute force attack.

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Specification of U-Prox Mini MF MiFare Card Readers

    • RF ID reader: Mifare® Standard, Mifare® Hi-Memory, Mifare® Ultralight, Mifare® Classic 1K, Mifare® Classic 4K, Mifare® Classic 7UID, Mifare® DESFire
    • Read Range: up to 60mm
    • Output interfaces: Wiegand 26/37/42/Auto (W2/W3/W4/WS), RS-232, TouchMemory
    • Power: 9 to 16 V DC
    • Maximum power supply ripple: 500mV AC @12V DC
    • Material: ABS plastic
    • Operation temperature: -350C…+600C
    • Dimensions: 80 mm (H) x 45 mm (W) x 13 mm (D)
    • Weight: 65 g


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