U-Prox RM Reliable Relay Module with 8 relay outputs


U-Prox RM Relay Module extends number of relays and outputs of U-Prox access
control system control panels.

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Specification of U-Prox RM Reliable Relay module for the U-Prox E elevator control panel.

    • Communication interface: RS-485 bus;
    • 8 relay outputs (NC C NO) 30V 5A;
    • 8 relay inputs for confirmation of floor selection (Z1 … Z8);
    • 1 input for emergency loop (Emergency);
    • Case tamper control – tamper (TMP);
    • Power supply +12 V;
    • Autoconfiguration via U-Prox IC E.
    • Zone loops supervised with 2 kOhm end-of-line resistors and have three states: Normal,
      Opened and Shorted. When all zone loops are in Normal state module waits for relay activation
      command. When one of zones opened, all relays, activated (de-energized) with previous
      command, de-activated. When zone shorted, it means the remote activation command and
      module activates corresponding relay. If zones not used, terminate them with 2 kOhm end-ofline
    • Relay terminals supervise floor selection buttons’ loops.
TMP and EMR terminals
    • Connect module case tamper to ‘TMP’ terminal. Its loop is normally closed.Connect emergency signal to ‘EMR’ terminal. Its loop is normally closed. When loop open, all relays de-energized automatically and restore floor selection buttons’ loops.


U-Prox RM User Manual

U-Prox RM User Manual

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