HSGW-G8 433MHz Vesta Wireless Alarm Panel 4G/LTE, IP and Zigbee

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  • Supports up to 160 Wireless Zones; Alarm Event Reporting via CID/SIA
  • Built-in Module Options: 4G/LTE, RF, ZigBee or Z-Wave
  • Communication Path: IP (Ethernet); 
  • Optional Expansion via USB Dongle: Z-Wave or 4G/LTE (required 8B battery pack)
  • Email, SMS & Push Notification via HPS Server; Built-in Siren & Backup Battery
  • Security Visual Verification, Real-time Monitoring & Reporting
  • ZigBee & Z-Wave Based Home Automation Capabilities
  • Energy Management Capabilities, 24/7 Environment Monitoring
  • Remote Management of Lights, Thermostats, Locks & Home Appliances, Sensors via Smartphone App & Web Browser
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Update Capability, EN50131 Grade 2, Class II
  • Compatible with up to 6 IP Cameras & PIR Cameras / PIR Video Cameras for Visual Verification & Real-Time Monitoring

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    • Communication Path: IP (Ethernet) and/or WiFi
    • Built-in Module: 3G/4G LTE, RF & Zigbee or Z-Wave
    • Optional Expansion via USB Dongle: WiFi, Z-Wave or 3G/LTE (Requires 8B Battery Pack)
    • Wireless Zones: 160 zones
    • Reporting Method: CID/SIA, Email, SMS, Push Notification
    • Programming Method: Web and App
    • Zigbee Protocol: Zigbee Pro HA 1.2, 2.4GHz
    • Z-Wave Protocol: Z-Wave Plus 500 Series, 868.40MHz (EU) / 908.40MHz (US)
    • RF Frequencies: 433MHz / 868MHz
    • 3G Frequencies: 900 / 1800 / 2100MHz
    • LTE Frequencies: 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600MHz
    • WiFi Module: 802.11 b/g/n
    • Power Supply: (4B) 9V, 1A or (6B) 12V, 1A
    • Backup Battery: (8B) 7.2V, 2300mAh Ni-mH Rechargeable Battery Pack
    • Backup Battery Life: (8B) 24hrs*
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
    • Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing
    • Dimensions: 150mm x 140mm x 42mm


    • Live Visual Verification
    • Advance Home Automation
    • Energy Management
    • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring
    • Remote Management via Mobile App & Web
    • RF Devices Support
    • Built-in Siren

* Note: The actual battery life may vary with product settings, usage patterns and operating environment. **Note: The Range mentioned is based on standard test conditions. Range may vary considerable based on actual site conditions, different atmosphere and obstructions.

HSGW-G8 Multiple Communication Paths

    • 4G/LTE, IP (Ethernet) or WiFi Communication Paths
    • Supports RF, ZigBee or Z-Wave devices
    • Optional Expansion via USB Dongle

Remote Management

    • 160 zones
    • Smartphone App (iOS & Android) and Web Browser

Smart Home Services

    • Climax’s HSGW Series provides comprehensive smart home services, including remote control, home security, live visual monitoring, home automation, energy management and 24-hour monitoring.

World-Leading 2-Km RF Range*

    • The HSGW adopts Climax’s ground-breaking Security@2km Wireless Technology that delivers RF communication range of up-to 2 kilometre (1.5 miles), fast signal transmission, and relentless reliability. (*Note: The range mentioned is based on standard test conditions. It may vary considerably based on actual site conditions, different atmosphere and obstructions.)

Live Visual Monitoring

    • The HSGW can be compatible with up to 6 IP cameras, and PIR cameras/PIR video cameras for visual verification and real-time monitoring. PIR Motion Cameras/IP Cameras captures images and record video clips when unauthorized motions are detected and sent to users and monitoring centers for immediate action.

Alarm Reporting

    • The IP-based HSGW can send alarm reporting in multiple formats, including alarm events in CID/SIA, SMS, Email, Push reporting via 4G/3G/IP, and send videos and images over Email via IP.

Built-in Siren

    • The HSGW features a loud built-in siren to blare out immediate warning when emergencies occur. It can also incorporate additional indoor and outdoor sirens to establish a powerful early warning system.

Backup Battery

    • The HSGW have rechargeable battery backup, which means that the gateways will keep working even when the power is out, or if it was purposefully sabotaged. When it comes to your security system, there is no room for error.

Home Automation

    • The HSGW incorporates ZigBee and/or Z-Wave accessories to automate your home and enhance your life quality. You can easily tailor the HSGW’s services to meet your family’s needs anytime, anywhere via smartphone app and web browser.
    • The HSGW automates lights and appliances according to:
      • Temperature Settings
      • Custom Scenes & Schedules
      • Security Status
      • Group/Zone Settings
    • One button press to execute movie mode scene to turn on TV, dim the lights, and close the shades
    • Set your lawn sprinklers on a weekly schedule
    • Set living room lights on at different intervals to appear the house is occupied even when it’s not.

Energy Management

    • The HSGW can integrate whole-house energy meters to report how much electricity the entire household uses and ZigBee/Z-Wave power meter switches to monitor the power consumption of individual home appliances. With this power-saving system you can develop a useful strategy to reduce energy consumption.

24-Hour Monitoring

    • The HSGW can incorporate different detectors, sensors, panic buttons, light and humidity sensors to protect user’s family and property from different threats. This round the clock monitoring ensures comprehensive prevention and quick response 24 hours.

Home Portal Server

    • Home Portal Server, high-capacity IP/GPRS platform, enables the CMS to remotely manage the HSGW and serve customers.


Vesta HSGW-G8 Panel – 4G, IP and Zigbee Product Brochure: Vesta HSGW-G Series Brochure

Installation Manual: Vesta Installaion Guide-2-V1


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