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Wired to Wireless Converter

  • Work with control panels U-Prox IP500 under control of U-Prox IC.
  • ISM band wireless device two-way communication.
  • ISM frequency bands: ITU Region 1 (EU): 868.0-868.6 MHz . ITU Region 2 (USA): 902.5-914.5 MHz . ITU Region 3 (AUS):915.5-927.5 MHz .
  • Wireless range up to 20m.
  • Up to 500 control panels U-Prox IP500 per device.
  • Power supply : U-Prox Hub Eth: up to 3 x 84W – PoE class 1 or USB micro B. Communication :  Ethernet 100Mbit.
  • Network settings adjustment : Autoconfiguration in LAN. USB micro B.



Intelligent central control panel intended for management of global antipassback subsystem

    • U-Prox IC A used to join isolated access points into virtual door groups.
    • Intended for management of global antipassback.
    • Suppresses pass back of credentials, use of duplicate credentials and transfer of the credential to another person.
U-Prox IP400-Access-Control-Panel
SALE -8%
Original price was: $490.Current price is: $450.


Original price was: $490.Current price is: $450.

U-Prox IP400 2 Door Access Control Panel Features

Fully functional access control panel with IP network capability in a metal housing with 1.5A power supply. It can be used a 2 Door Access Control Panel, it can control two single-sided doors or one double-sided door and operates on any computer network – local or Internet Automatic operation after loading the access rules

    • Works on any computer network. Ethernet 100Mbit, DHCP, DNS
    • Works in complex, dynamically changing computer networks (including the Internet), through multiple NATs. Does not require additional settings of network equipment;
    • Enhanced security when working over IP: crypto and protocol imitation resistance;
    • Two Wiegand RF ID reader ports
    • 31,768 identifiers for employees; 1,000 identifiers for visitors
    • 47,000 events
    • 250 Time zones, 250 weekly schedules, 250 holidays
    • 8 EOL supervised inputs
    • 2 relays (C NO NC) 24V 5А and 2 relays (C NO) 24V 1А
    • Power: 12V DC @ 160mA
    • Configuration: automatic or manual via USB



U-Prox IP500 Operates under control of a U-Prox IC L network controller

    • Wireless Door Smart Lock ISM device two-way RF communication
    • Frequency band 915.5-927.5 MHz
    • Wireless range up to 20m
    • Built-in keypad and RF ID reader
    • Read Range: up to 40mm
    • 3000 tags
    • Power supply – 3 AAA batteries (included)
    • 32,000 openings, up to 2 years life
    • One end-of-line resistor supervised input
    • Request-to-exit on inner door handle
    • Adjusted with U-Prox IP software
    • Real-time clock
    • Non-volatile memory:
U-Prox NDC F18 IP
SALE -17%
Original price was: $575.Current price is: $475.


Original price was: $575.Current price is: $475.

U-Prox NDC F18 IP panel – a device designed to control access to residential and business premises, including time of passage of and events. Panel operates with two readers, which are connected to the U-Prox NDC F18 IP access control panel via Wiegand interface.

    • U-Prox NDC F18 IP processes the information received from the reader (readers), and controls actuator (e.g. a lock) with the built-in four relays. Panel has eight End-of-line supervised inputs.
    • The panel can work offline or as part of the network. To add it to Access Control network, Ethernet (wired computer network) or Wi-Fi (wireless computer network) are used.
    • The network settings of the U-Prox NDC F18 IP  control panel are programmed via a standard USB port (mini USB B).