Vesta IRD-23SL-F1 433MHz Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor with 360° Look- Down


  • 360° look-down capability eliminates blind spots
  • Up to 26’ (8m) diameter coverage pattern
  • Mounted on the ceiling to minimize tampering and vandalism
  • Discreet housing attracts minimal visual attention & protects the detector from being recognised as a security device
  • Ideal for the protection of doorways, corridors, hallways and passages
  • Suitable also for the monitoring of entrances to larger spaces such as offices, lobbies, galleries or retail stores
  • Microprocessor controlled with advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms for false alarm immunity
  • Two selectable sensitivity levels; Twist-off cover for easy installation
  • Temperature compensated sensitivity control; Low battery detection
  • Automatic power saving mechanism; Superior white light and noise rejection
  • Randomized supervision signals ensure system integrity
  • Locally and remotely controllable walk-test LED also serves as a fault indicator
  • Protected against tampering and sabotage; Compliant with CE and FCC requirements

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    • Power: CR123A 3V lithium battery x 1
    • Battery Life: To be confirmed
    • Standby Current Drain: 30uA at 3 to 3.6 VDC
    • Available Radio Frequencies: 433 MHz/868.35 MHz FM/868.6375 MHz Narrow FM
    • Radio Frequency Ranges: 433 MHz or 868.35 MHz FM; Over 200 meters in open space, 868.6375MHz Narrow FM: Over 300 meters in open space
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +45°C
    • Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing
    • Dimensions: Ø 106 mm x 30.35 mm
    • Mounting Height: 8.8’ to 13’ (2.7 m to 4 m)

360° Look-Down Capability Eliminates Blind Spots and Undetected Intrusion

    • The IRD-23 is a ceiling mount PIR motion sensor with a 360° look-down capability to eliminate blind spots in the monitored area. When mounted on a ceiling at 8.8’ to 13’ (2.7 m to 4 m) high, the IRD-23 has a 360° look-down view that covers an area of 20’ to 26’ (6 m to 8 m) in diameter. The IRD-23 is an ideal solution for the protection of entrances, corridors, hallways and passages, where a moving person cannot evade passing through the detector’s coverage pattern.
    • Mounting the IRD-23 on the ceiling effectively deters tampering and vandalism, thereby making the detector also a best choice for the safeguarding of entrances to public or larger spaces such as lobbies, retail stores, galleries or offices. This application of the IRD-23 will place any person moving through the monitored entrance in the direct field of view of the detector, leaving no chance for an intruder to escape detection.
    • The discreet housing of the IRD-23 attracts minimal visual attention and protects the detector from being recognized as a security device. This microprocessor-controlled detector further adopts advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms to enhance false alarm immunity.

Ø 106 mm x 30.35 mm


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