U-Prox iPR3 New Proximity Reader in Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Case


  • The U-Prox iPR3 reader is housed in a robust polished stainless steel case and then sealed. Due to its increased strength, it can be used in conditions of danger of vandalism.
  • Proximity ID reader is intended for use in access control systems focused on the use of interfaces: RS-232, Wiegand 26 bit, Wiegand 37 bit, Wiegand 42 bit, standard Wiegand with automatic selection and Touch Memory.
  • Types of identifiers used: iPR-3 readers work with ASK and / or FSK identifiers. The reader can be programmed to work only with ASK identifier, only with FSK, to work with ASK and / or FSK (simultaneously). If two identifiers of different types are simultaneously brought to the reader programmed to work with two types, the ASK identifier will be read.

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Specification of U-Prox iPR3 Proximity reader in vandal resistant stainless steel case
    • Ready time: 10 sec after power-on Housing;
    • Material :stainless steel (thickness 1.5mm);
    • Dimensions : 110x 80 x 15mm;
    • Weight :150 grams.
    • Temperature :-35. … … +60 C;
    • Humidity: 100% (non-condensing).
    • Voltage :+9. … … +16 VDC;
    • Currentin sleep mode : Less than 50 mA;
    • Maximum current: Not more than 80 mA;
    • Maximum allowable voltage ripple range: no more than 500 mV.




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